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“Each student that crosses the threshold of any one of America’s schools deserves the best education this country has to offer.
This is every educator’s responsibility and every student’s civil right.”

— Kathleen Leos, Co-Founder

The Education Neuroscience Foundation’s (ENF) mission is to transform 21st century education, globally, by teaching according to how the brain learns, processes information and acquires knowledge. The goal is to provide each student with the highest quality education according to the newest 21st century Learning Theory.

Since 2002, a new field of Education Neuroscience developed in response to innovative, non-invasive technology and scientific methods that allow cognitive/brain researchers to study brain function and processing with a specific emphasis on how typical learners acquire knowledge from pre-birth to adults. Recent published findings, from education neuroscientists, challenge long-held theories and assumptions about ‘teaching and learning’ which will revolutionize how education is delivered worldwide.


ENF’s purpose is to offer education stakeholders an honest approach to teaching that is grounded in the best empirical education neuroscience research available.

The Vision of The Education Neuroscience Foundation was spearheaded by co-founders Kathleen Leos and Lisa Saavedra in 2014 after years of analyzing education neuroscience research and realizing that current education systems are not organized to deliver ‘teaching and learning’ to ALL students according to the way the brain processes information and thinks.

20 years working with education researchers, teachers, parents, and students convinced us, it’s time to begin a New Journey!




  Education Neuroscience
Board Members

Kathleen Leos: Co-Founder; The Education Neuroscience Foundation

Lisa Saavedra: Co-founder, The Education Neuroscience Foundation and The Global Institute for Language and Literacy; Systems Design, Accountability and Instructional Expert for Language Learners 

Kathryn McCartney: CEO Head Start Greater Dallas, Early Childhood Education Expert

Noel Izon: International Award-Winning Filmmaker, Author and Education Advocate

Paul Vargas: National Charter School Expert

Gary Griffith: PR, National Relations 

  Education Neuroscience
Partners & Collaborators


The Education Neuroscience Foundation

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