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Kathleen Leos President/CEO

Kathleen Leos’ energetic approach to her work comes from her belief that “Every student that crosses the threshold of America’s schools deserves the best education this country has to offer.  It is every student’s academic civil right.  “It is our unmitigated responsibility to give every child the education he or she needs to be successful in life.  It is an honor to have been selected to oversee that guarantee from the National perspective.”

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Take a deep dive with leading English language learner (ELL) education advocate and expert Kathleen Leos, into the importance of teaching mathematical language and concepts simultaneously and how to make this a reality in your schools, classrooms and communities.


“The technical assistance, product development and training they have provided to date is very professional, timely and has been very valuable to us in fulfilling the MAGIC Project goals and objectives. The evaluations from the course participants have also been very positive. Ms. Leos, Ms. Saavedra and Dr. Mele-McCarthy’s extensive experience, knowledge and commitment to the education of English language learners is very evident in their work. All three are extremely knowledgeable and bring the experience in standards-based education, program evaluation, instructional reform and professional development on evidenced based strategies to our project; all of which were needed to successfully implement our MAGIC Project goals, objective and desired outcomes.”

Kalyani Rai, Ph. D. Assistance Professor and MAGIC Project Director,

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

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